Tyre Warmers


Motorcycle tyre warmers are now an essential part of the equipment required for motorcycle track day rider or serious competitor; Biketek tyre warmers are used by BSB superbike teams which are available with digital temperature control features to best manage tyre performance

MotoGP Digital Controlled Tyre Warmers
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MotoGP digitally controlled motorcycle tyre warmers feature digital thermostat units for temperature settings 40 degrees Celsius
MotoGP Tyre Warmers
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Official MotoGP motorcycle tyre warmers feature LED temperature with elasticated sides for better heat distribution, essential racing or track day equipment
BikeTek Motorcycle Tyre Warmers
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Biketek standard motorcycle tyre warmers for heating to temperature 80 degrees Celsius, available in 3 sizes 125cc to Superbikes
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MotGP heavy duty tyre storage bag for motorcycle tyres and wheels, protects all wheel sizes from 16 to 21 inch wheels
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