Good reason to choose Stealth Crash Helmets

October 2, 2015

During last weekend's Motocross of Nations, Great Britain's Max Anstie was involved in a horrific looking accident where 170kg of rider and MX bike crashed into his helmet at 40mph from 10m up!

Thankfully, Max was wearing his Stealth HD210 Pro Carbon Kevlar helmet which proved its ACU Gold status is justified by retaining it's structural integrity and experiencing only cosmetic damage!

If you've not seen the accident, during qualifying for the MXoN MX2 race, Max was to the side of the track bump-starting his Kawasaki when Pascal Rauchenecker landed on him from a huge jump!

To see the full impact, watch the video courtesy MXVice Despite the horrific looking impact, we're very pleased that Max is doing well and will be home soon to recover from his shoulder and neck injuries.

As you can see from the photo's of the actual helmet below, the Stealth HD210 Pro Carbon Kevlar helmet did its job perfectly by absorbing the impact and remaining structurally intact to protect Max.



Amazing job for a reasonably priced helmet. Now go and own one

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